Darcy Warner

Laser Technician

“What I love about being a laser tech is how powerful and confidence-boosting our treatments can be! Seeing my client’s skin change and improve before my eyes is so exciting! Hearing them become more confident in their skin brings tears to my eyes. The cherry on top is when they come back and share family and friends are asking what are they doing because of how great their skin is looking! “

Previously to becoming a laser technician Darcy was a scrub tech for over 13 years. She is no stranger when it comes to healthcare or a clinical setting.

When Darcy is not in the clinic helping her clients she enjoys being with her family.

Husband, Bobby, and daughter Emma, 4 years old. She is also the mama to 3 chihuahuas!

Darcy loves to travel. Whether it’s flying to a destination or hitting the open road with her pulled behind camper and exploring a new area, she loves adventure! She also loves spending time with her friends and health and fitness are really important to her. Darcy positive outlook and amazing work ethic has been a perfect fit to our team.