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Lift and Sculpt Without Injections

Emface in Apple Valley, MN

Get Botox results without needles through targeted muscle stimulation that lifts and tightens the most prominent areas of your face.

Emface in Apple Valley, The Laser Room Team can help you say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to definition.

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How it Works

Emface is the latest advancement in wrinkle-fighting technology. It uses the power of electromagnetic muscle stimulation and radiofrequency energy to tone muscles and tighten your skin. Not only does it restore and elevate your underlying facial structure, it smooths your skin by promoting collagen and elastin production.

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Emface Results

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Emface is a solution for…


Skin laxity

Lack of tone/definition

What to Expect

The Emface Process

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Wrinkles happen, but we can turn back time and teach you how to slow down the formation of new wrinkles.

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Paula Overbye, Founder

About The Laser Room Med Spa

The Laser Room Med Spa started when our founder and owner, Paula Overbye, decided to turn her exceptional talents toward helping the community of Apple Valley and beyond achieve true confidence and comfort in their own skin.

The Laser Room Med Spa brings 30 combined years of experience, leading us to win the award for the best aesthetic center multiple years in a row. We’ve built a reputation for excellence in both client care and results.

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Pre-Care Instructions

Preparing for Emface

What Pairs Well With Emface

Our clients love including these treatments with their Emsculpt NEO for the best outcomes:

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