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Body Sculpting in Apple Valley, MN

You put in the hard work every day—you eat a mostly healthy diet and get as much exercise as you can fit into your busy lifestyle.

Isn’t it time for a little extra support? That’s where body sculpting can help! In Apple Valley, MN, The Laser Room Med Spa has incredible choices for effective body sculpting, led by our certified personal trainer.

Our body sculpting offerings

Emsculpt Neo This innovative treatment burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously using pulses of electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency.

Skin Tightening Our advanced skin tightening options are a great option to smooth and lift contours impacted by loose skin on the body and face.

Certified Personal Training A healthy lifestyle is your best support in maintaining your ideal contours; our certified personal trainer can help support you.

What to Expect

Your Body Sculpting Plan

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Supporting Your Body Sculpting Journey

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