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Wrinkle Treatments in Apple Valley, MN

Take charge of your aging journey and put wrinkles in their place—which is not on your face!

Believe it or not, achieving genuinely younger skin is possible with our selection of wrinkle treatments in Apple Valley, MN. From laser resurfacing to Botox and fillers, we’ve got what you need to succeed in your fight against wrinkles.

Our Wrinkle Treatment Offerings

Laser Resurfacing Go beyond fighting wrinkles and give your skin an overall rejuvenation with laser resurfacing.

Skin Tightening Our advanced skin tightening options are a great option to smooth out wrinkles.

Botox To tackle the wrinkles that your facial expressions create, there's nothing better than neurotoxins like Botox or Dysport.

Dermal Filler Dermal fillers are a staple of wrinkle treatments. We use Revanesse and Restylane brand fillers, which are traditional hyaluronic acid-based formulas. We also carry RHA fillers, which use a dynamic hyaluronic acid for a more "resilient" filler that works great for wrinkles caused by expressions.

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