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Side By Side

The description of your component goes here, or any notes you might have about it.

Label Name Type Notes
Layout side_by_side_layout select
Left side_by_side_left clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Center Content side_by_side_center_content wysiwyg
Right side_by_side_right clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Left side_by_side_left_title clone (Clone of Utility : Heading)
Center side_by_side_center clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Right Content side_by_side_right_content wysiwyg

Select which Layout option you would like. If you select Image / Content / Image then you can select a left image, add WYSIWYG content that will appear in the middle, and a right image. The images will have the ellipse SVG added for you. When scrolling through this component the ellipse and image will rotate into position.

Background color for Image / Content / Image is Sand, and Beige for Image / Content / Image.

If Content / Image / Content is selected then you can fill out a title on the left, an image in the middle, and WYSIWYG content on the right